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  1. Image by: Eoin Moylan

  2. Photos by Gabriele Miseikyte

    Photos by Gabriele Miseikyte

    Caique Tizzi
    welcomes you to

    an off-site, social-distance friendly restaurant
    Hosted and produced by Eoin Moylan Studio

    After a successful opening month, during June 2020, with four consecutive sold-out evenings, Caique Tizzi is delighted to announce that LIMBO pop-up restaurant in collaboration with Eoin Moylan Studio will continue to open its doors now twice a week (every Friday and Saturday) from 17th July onwards.  


    Fri. 17.07.2020                      Fri. 24.07.2020                 Fri. 31.07.2020

    Sat. 18.07.2020                    Sat. 25.07.2020                Sat. 01.08.2020

    As spaces reopen, we still feel at a place of suspension, many questions are up in the air, but one thing we know for sure is that we will always need to be sharing food, conversations and good wine with those who are close to us.

    LIMBO is a social dining space carefully developed to respond to the new forms of gathering, a place that aims to rethink our modes of production and consumption post-lockdown.  Every week LIMBO presents a 5-courses menu that emphasizes local ingredients, small producers and traditional recipes. Most of the produce that is served at LIMBO is either grown or produced in the endeavours of Berlin. 

    LIMBO has commissioned artworks, unique design pieces (ceramics, vases, cups) , floral arrangements thoughtfully compiled by Berlin-based artists and designers.

    SAMPLE MENU (from June 2020) - every week the menu is changed in order to respond to produce´s availability.

    I. Burnt Onion Miso, Pickled Radish, Chilled White Vegetables Gin Soup, Ricotta, Olive Oil, Bread

    II. Watermelon, Cucumber & Kimchi

    II. Cod, Black Pepper, Beetroot Mayonnaise, Black Rice

    IV. Pork, Black Beans, Farofa, Chipotle Salsa, Orange

    V. Dulce de Leche, Strawberries & Sumak

    5 courses-menu: 43€ per person

    (vegetarian version is available and must be required when booking)

    Take your time to travel to the industrial side of the city, if you reserve your seat, we will be waiting for you. 

    No rush, it is a new pace that we need to build.

    “Humans will always adapt to make community possible, whatever the external circumstances may be”. (Berlin Art Link about LIMBO).

    Limbo cooperates with supplies, friendship and communication with: Up and Coming Berlin, Babes Bar, Berlin Art Link, Bon Bock, Cantine Sant'ambroeus, RSVP Pop-Up, The Onion Project.

    Hosted and produced by Eoin Moylan Studio

    Artworks and ceramics by Jonas Wendelin and Jana Marlene Lippert

    Photos by Eoin Moylan and Gabriele Miseikyte.

    Book your table now, seats are very limited (up to 30 per evening)

    Diners can book tables from 2 to 10 seats maximum (3 households max. per table)

    Food is served at 7pm.

    Reservations only at: and at RSVP Pop Up.
  3. New Dates Available for JULY 2020

    Tickets & More info here

    Reservations only at and here.

    Image: Eoin Moylan Studio